Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Trip Report 2012 Day #5 - Magic Kingdom Rope Drop, Moving, Hollywood Studios Evening Extra Magic Hours(Disney Jr. Dance Party)

Here we are on the 5th day of the trip and the morale of the crew is starting to decrease a touch more with the early rising and late nights, but by staying so close to the park we get about 30 - 45 more minutes of time to sleep each night.  It's just hard to explain that to a 4 year old.

This was our last night in Bay Lake Tower so we loaded the luggage in the minivan on our way through the parking lot.  This way we did not have to worry about getting back to the room by a certain time to clear out.  If we did not have a van we would have left our bags with the bell desk because they will transport your bags for you to any other Disney hotel.  

This is a picture from almost half way to the Magic Kingdom.

Same spot but turned back to show how far we have gone.

A little further down the way a monorail zoomed by overhead.  The kids thought it was cool.

This is the look of a soon to be 7 year old on day 5 of a trip.  She wanted into the stroller.  This is the day a lot of the complaints became real.   We herd complaints about walking on day one in the airport but now we know the kids have sore feet and legs.  Sam missed lots of our "Disney Bootcamp" because of school.  

Sitting and smiling.  

Our favorite spot at the rope.  

Today's plan of attack is Peter Pan's Flight, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Tomorrowland Speedway, The Barnstormer, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and then grab a Fast Pass (Please note you can no longer get Fast Passes this way! This changed in 2014!)  for Thunder Mountain and play the rest by ear.  The key to planning is to workout the first hour or two of your day! 

After a dash through Fantasyland we got to the Tomorrowland Speedway before the lines really started to build.  This is one attraction I do not like to wait for.  It is hot and the cars smell.  Samantha loved driving.  

Doug had Alden and Clair.  This ride is not designed for a family of 5 but depending on the Cast Member, you may be able to ride twice switching drivers.  Sam got to drive twice around while Alden drove the first lap then Clair drove the second.  

Clair loved driving!  She said she felt "grown up"!! 

Now for a spin on our favorite elephant.

The added water makes this very nice and relaxing.  It is so much nicer than just being surrounded by concrete.  

Boy team.

Girl team.

Now for a ride on The Barnstormer.  Clair did not want to ride this as the first time the other day she yelled "I can't handle this" the whole time.  (It was hilarious! She was so serious!) 

We did not make her ride so Doug took her and checked out some of the other new things in Story Book Circus Land while they waited for us.  The new shop and snack area opened that day.  Doug enjoyed walking around and getting this picture on twitter just minutes after it opened.  There were lots of management employees in there and Doug enjoyed getting asked over and over what he thought.  

A little stop on some tea cups.  This was not on the plan but there was only a 5 min wait and it is a short attraction so we hopped on.  

Doug can't ride this without getting sick so he takes a few pictures, but to be honest he really has trouble just watching so we are lucky to even be in some of his pictures.  

Doug took the kids to protect the universe on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, while I ran over and got a Thunder Mountain Fast Pass!   

Buzz gives a good pep talk.

Doug's score.

Clair's score - maybe she should work more on shooting and less on giggling!

The happiest Cruise to ever sail - it's a small world!

We then ate lunch at Pecos Bills (Quick Service Dining)

The big kids and I headed over to Thunder Mountain. We got a rider swap because Clair was too short to ride and Doug got a Splash Fast Pass.  Doug found the Magic Kingdom marching band to watch for a little bit.  He said they were good as always.  Disney really employs some very talented musicians and performers through out the parks.

Clair did not give as good as review.  She said the trumpets were too loud.  Doug probably wanted to disown her for that comment, a trumpet can never play too high, fast or loud.  

The kids next in line at Thunder Mountain.

 Then a spin on some magic carpets followed by Splash Mountain.

Remember Adults: if a kid is behind you and you put your hands up the kids will cry when they are not in the picture.  Please be considerate!!

We met back up at the Tomorrowland Transit Authority - PeopleMover.

This is one of Alden's favorites!

Snack time from the Main Street Bakery (the Cinnamon Rolls are no longer there - and it is now Starbucks).  I got a Cinnamon Roll, but the kids and Doug all got handmade ice cream sandwiches.  

Not sure what Alden is doing with his.  We also all got ice water.  It is free to get ice water anywhere they have fountain beverages, just ask.  It is important to stay hydrated.  After snacking we walked back to the car to head over to our new hotel.

After spending 4 nights on property we are now venturing "off" property and using my dad's timeshare in Kissimmee.  He owns at Westgate resorts and let us use one of his weeks.  It is hard to pass on free!   It was nice to have space to spread out in a 3 bed room villa but we will greatly miss just walking to the Magic Kingdom or to the monorail.

Clair checking out her room.  We had a view of Everest in the distance.  The space is nice but you defiantly are out of the Disney bubble.  

After a nap in the van, checking into a new place, getting some dinner, we found ourselves at Hollywood Studios.  We wanted to check out Characterpalooza!  Characterpalooza is basically a bunch of characters all at the same time. It's not a published character meet, so you have to know where/when to ask the Cast Members if it is happening. It is in the Animation building (they have moved this to the "Streets of America" unless it's raining).  We were a few minutes early so we met with some Incredibles.

Then all at once there were about 5 -7 different characters out all at once.  Our first stop was Mary Poppins and the Penguins.

While waiting in line for Chip and Dale we looked at some of the art work for the upcoming film Wreck it Ralph.

Chip and Dale!  They are always so goofy.

Meeko from Pocahontas 


Lilo and Stitch

Max (Goofy's Son) 


Finally - Hook and Smee.  
(We met all those characters in about 30 minutes!)

We walked over to Star Wars for 2 rides on Star Tours.  Sam and Alden loved Clair so much on this trip because of the rider swap tickets she could get them for being short.

Then we watched Muppet*Vision 3D.

Now the park was closing and Evening Extra Magic hours were starting.  Disney Junior goes from a stage show to a dance party for Evening Extra Magic Hours.

It was a wild time and the kids had a blast.  Even though we just moved off property we were still eligible for Extra Magic Hours tonight but we won't be tomorrow.  They check your room cards as they let people into attractions.  

Other then dancing they have balloon artists that make things for the kids.  It is free and they do not take tips which is great for parents!

Dancing with Annie.

Pluto and Goofy came out to party with "Who Let The Dogs Out"

Clair and Handy Manny shared a moment.   We also saw Mickey, Minnie, and Quincy.  This was the only way to meet Quincy on this trip.

We finished off the night with a stop at Sweet Spells - my favorite snack place.

We put our very last snack credits on the dining plan to good use!