Monday, June 8, 2015

Meal Time Monday - Chef Mickey's

The time has arrived to talk about one of the most talked about and sought  after meals on Walt Disney World Property, Chef Mickey's!

Located on the 4th floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort.  Chef Mickey serves up a tasty buffet in the large open air atrium of the Contemporary.  Nothing really says "Disney World" like eating a buffet with Mickey and gang while a monorail zooms by.  

No mater the time of your reservation you will be waiting a little bit to get seated.  Whether you are on time or 30 minuets early the wait seems to be about the same.  Alden took full advantage of the wifi in the resort.  

Once your group is called you get a picture with a Mickey statue and a plate in the back ground.  One of the odder pictures you will take on your trip.   The picture will go on to your memory maker.  

The most amazing thing about the photo is that it take two cast members to line you up and take the picture.  

Now it is time to head in.   It really is an impressive environment to dine in.  Almost feel out side but with air-conditioning.  

This is the typical decor and how you will find it before your kids get all their grubby little fingers on it.

Through out your meal you will meet the fab 5.  They rotate around to you so you do not have to go to them.  They will usually go in the same pattern so you can kinda figure out how long before the next one reaches you so you can time your trip to the buffet for that 3rd plate of mash potatoes.  

We were kind of back in a corner for this meal.  We do like out of the way locations no and then.  It was a little quieter but further from the buffet.

The chef him self.  Sam asked why the whole buffet was not just cheese.

Goofy signing some post cards for friends.

The girls favorite.

A few years ago we did Chef Mickey's with mixed reviews.  Notice Clair's face in the lower left hand corner.  This was her first trip and we quickly learned she did not love meeting the characters.  Also it was December so the sun was down for a 6:00 dinner and much darker as you can see by the back ground of the pictures.

Alden at the age of 3 was too cool for Minnie.    You would never guess the sun being out would have that large of an impact on the amount of light in the place.  

On to the food.  It is why some of us go to meals anyway.  Here is the Kids buffet.  Don't worry adults are welcome to dine here as well.  

Salads and such.

Shrimp and other seafood offerings.

Broccoli and cheese sauce and more.

The protein section.

Soups and breads

Carving station.  

Desert time.  Ice cream and toppings to the right.

A small tower of sweets.

And  Mickey Domes.

Chef Mickey's is one of the first Disney restaurant people think of when thinking of eating at Disney World.  It is a fun environment in an unforgettable setting.  It is not every day you have the opportunity to eat in a 14 story atrium.  The characters are all ones you want to meet and can save you precious time in the parks.  The food is good, not great, but good and no one should leave with an empty stomach.  To be honest the deserts are very good.  

There is lots of demand for Chef Mickey so it is an reservation you want to try to lock in 180 days out.  Especially if you are traveling with a larger group.  They do a Breakfast, Brunch, and Dinner.  With the Contemporary just a 10 to 15 minuet walk from the front gate of the Magic Kingdom we like to do a lunch time to get a break from the parks and recharge your batteries.  By doing this we get out of the park during the peak crowds.  We have also done this meal on arrival day or departure day because it does not require a park ticket, but you still get some Disney Magic.  

Chef Mickey's is one table service on the Disney Dining Plan.  It is a very good use of a credit.  

To get to Chef Mickey's you can drive and park at the Contemporary Resort.  Or take a Monorail.  Or a bus to the Magic Kingdom and walk over to the resort.  This is one of the easier resorts to get to from another resort because only one bus is needed.  

This meal is recommended if you love Disney, love to explore the Disney resorts, and you are hungry!