Friday, January 30, 2015

Trip Report 2013 - #6 - Hollywood Studios Rope Drop, Sci - Fi, Good bye Riverside hello Art of Animaition

This morning we get to head to what has become our families favorite park.  As weird as it is to put that  into writing it is true.  I love the Magic Kingdom and because it has the most attractions it is where by the end of the trip we have spent the most time, but if I'm being honest Hollywood Studios makes it the easiest to get out of bed in the morning. 

This was our last night at the Alligator Bayou room in Port Orleans Riverside.  Clair is still trying to fight off waking up by hiding under a pillow.  She wanted to pack the "Louie" pillow but we were confident house keeping would notice. 

Each kid got their turn in the murphy bed.  They fought over it every night.  We developed a highly sophisticated system of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who got the special bed.  Sam snuck back in bed after getting ready for the day.  

A look back at our building and room from the outside.  We packed up all our stuff in the mini van so we did not have to worry about coming back to check out in the middle of our park day.

It was a nice morning so we took a few pictures of the resort before we left for the park.  The Sasagoula river runs through the resort.

The pool area is neat with a water slide.  We were in the parks too much this trip to get to the pool.

Inside the main building there is the lobby, a bar, sit down restaurant, gift shop, and a food court.  We did use the food court a time or two.  This end of the building with the water wheel is the location of the food court.  It was about a 10 min walk from our room to the food court and we were in one of the further away rooms.  

We found our favorite place to start a day.  We were able to claim both sides of Mickey readers.  This is nice because 4 out of 5 of us can scan our bands as soon as they say to go.  By being at the front of the line we beat almost everyone in to the park and to Toy Story.  We also don't have to worry about someone using the wrong finger on the scanner and holding up the whole line.  

After dashing to Toy Story Doug grabbed a paper fast pass and we then got in line.(the good old days of paper fast passes)  We always try to enter the line together their is nothing more annoying then the person that cuts because their group did not wait for them, especially at rope drop.  

My scores continue to improve as does Clair's 

It is hard to read but Doug was "Best This Hour" and "Best Today"  This is something that he would point out several times over the next year.  And he would like to remind everyone that Best Today is over the last 24hours not just since park opening.  We learned this when we were the first on and he was not the best of the day.  

After Toy Story we headed over to rocken roller coaster.  Sam was a little braver today and wanted to give it a try.  When we got up to the front they do a second measuring of height and they said Alden did not measure up.  So he got kicked out of line.  Luckily Doug was hanging out by the exit so we took Alden to Doug.  Sam and I were allowed right back in to the load area.   He was not happy.  I think he really believed that he shrunk over the past few days.

Sam's picture to remember her first time on the ride.

More proof that she did it!

Back over to Toy Story to use our paper fast passes.

We had to meet these guys since were were decked out in our Monsters U gear today.

Christmas continues to invade the parks.

Hanging out in the back yard to have the best day ever.  

I snowed at home today so we thought we would show that we had some snow too.

Clair and I headed to Disney Jr. Live on stage while the big kids headed over to Rocken To use the Rider swap.

Clair loves Disney Jr.  It is an odd show because you sit on the ground and some of the puppets they use are short so if you are in the front you can't see every thing going on on the stage.

So they got to Rocken and stood in line and then had to leave because it broke down.  So this picture was the consalation prize.  Doug did have a good time explain to everyone around him what the magic bands were for and how we got colored ones.  Most people at this time had gray bands because it was the color Disney issues you if you don't customize your bands.  By the end of the trip we found ourselves using the words "gray banders" when one of us would turn the wrong way or the like.  

Time to head back to use our FastPass+ on Toy Story.

There are lots of places to park a stroller and they are always labeled and some of the label are fun because they fit with the area you are in.

Clair is getting better and better.

They are so serious.

Doug was so close to best of the hour.

Time for lunch.  We are heading to Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater!

That's right you eat in a drive in theater as they show clips of "B" horror Movies from the 50's and 60's.  It is lots of fun.  Seating is a little weird, but that is what makes it fun.  
For a full review of lunch click HERE.

After a few spins around the galaxy on Star Tours and Taking in the Muppet's it was time for a snack from our favorite snack stop, Sweet Spells.

We are really good at taking pictures of half eaten food.

More half eaten food and a goofy glacier.

After snacking we did a few other things before heading back to Light's Motors Action.

If you want a good seat I suggest you get there early.   We were about 20min early and this was our view on a non busy day in November.  Also a heads up that this place is HOT.  I could not imagine watching this show from May to September.  Just lie and tell your kids it has to do with math or broccoli.  

It is an interesting show and shows how they make stunts look real in movies.   Then they randomly add Lighting McQueen to the show for no reason what so ever.


Here is about 10 seconds of Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show that sums it up nicely.  Most kids will enjoy this and decently every 5 -12 year old boy in the crowd.  Add some motorcycles, jet skis, a backwards driving car, gun shots, and fire and you have the whole show.  They do a good job of explaining how movies are made, which is refreshing in a theme park that is geared towards movie making but has lost its way.  

After the show we headed towards the exit with about half the stadium watching the show.  

One More Monsters U. photo just outside of the park.

With the van all packed up we headed to our new home for the next few days.

Whenever a rainbow welcomes you that means things will go smoothly.

Lighting was feeling left out of the rainbow picture. 

The lobby is huge and full of great things to look at and see.

We were in a cars suite so we headed over to ornament valley.

They have all the "Cars" characters out to meet.

Our families favorite was right outside our buildings door.

This street sign marks our door.

The table and lots of space right inside the front door.

The living room area and kitchenette.  The couch looks like a back seat in a car.  It folds out and sleeps 2.

The TV stand is beyond cool.

Master bed room.  It has a TV as well you just can see it.  We were able to put the kids to bed a little earlier tonight and we could still watch TV in our own room.  

Master bath is a car wash.

Smaller bath off the main room.

Snack time after dinner at the food court. 

Alden got the Mater bed each night!

We really liked the Suite, it was nice to have the space and a door separating us from the kids.  We will be here just 2 nights before setting sail on the Dream.  

Tomorrow we head back to the Magic Kingdom, but this time we will be touring with the entire McKnight clan.  The Kids were super excited to show them around the Magic Kingdom.